Flash Cabinets is a proudly Australian owned and operated, boutique company centrally located in the heart of Moorabbin. We have over 20 years experience in design, construction and installation of high-end kitchens and custom made architectural joinery.

Lift Interiors

Flash Cabinets can customize and refurbish lift interiors to modernize the expanding design styles that elevator interiors require, to provide the latest elevator interior finishes.


With over twenty years experience, our experts work directly with building owners, architects, designers and elevator contractors to turn your vision into reality.


Flash Cabinets has the industry experience to design, manufacturing and install stylish and functional lift interiors to the highest standard of quality and attention to detail.


We provide complete design solutions for commercial elevator projects and lobby surface applications. Whatever finish you require, whether using stainless steel, mirrors, emporite panels, lighting, exotic veneer paneling with solid timer inlays, all materials and fitting used are of the highest quality available.


Here is a small sample of some customized lift interiors: